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Expand your CRM beyond sales

The power of Salesforce—so much more than just tracking sales.

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Leverage Pardot integration with Salesforce to identify promising prospects

Marketing automation systems such as Pardot form an essential element for the productivity of marketing and sales teams. Pardot is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing automation platform that Salesforce® offers to help sales and marketing teams work together more effectively. The tool leverages intelligence about a prospective customer’s level of engagement.

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Process first: The importance of business process reviews for Salesforce implementation

Tools like Salesforce® can revolutionize how your business sells and communicates with your customers. Sophisticated analytics and reporting give you detailed data on your customers' behaviors. Capabilities for automation and artificial intelligence enable you to personalize customer-facing messages and more accurately score leads. These tremendous benefits don’t come without vision and planning.

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