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Salesforce reports you should regularly review

One of the values of using Salesforce® is having your data in one place and being able to access real-time reports. There are many reports to run and evaluate, including pre-built and custom reports. As a leader, you should regularly review certain reports and activities, including lead source effectiveness, customer engagement, sales pipeline, and sales profitability.

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Three tips for driving more sales by tracking the sales process in Salesforce

Business operations are critical and require a specific sequence of steps to ensure a successful outcome. Training, following a sales handbook, and configuring Salesforce® metrics are some of the strategies that can make your sales process more dynamic.

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Six best practices for managing and cleaning Salesforce data

It’s no small task setting up Salesforce®, particularly when it comes to migrating, cleaning, and maintaining data. Which data do you need to migrate, and which should you scrub? How can your company decide?

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