How to set Budgets in Oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI)

What are OCI budgets?

A budget is an option provided in OCI console by which you can track Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) spending.

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Cloning a database using the DBCA command in Oracle 19c

This blog introduces the methods on how to use Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), a new feature in Oracle 19c to clone a remote pluggable database (PDB) into a container database (CDB) without taking backup of the source database.

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Create an Oracle Database (DBaaS) in the cloud

This post provides all the necessary steps to create a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) database in the OracleĀ® Cloud.

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Introduction to CPADMIN

OracleĀ® has launched CPADMIN, a concurrent processing command-line utility for E-Business SuiteĀ® (EBS) versions R12.1.3 and R12.2.x. CPADMIN is a menu-based utility that wraps multiple existing utilities for concurrent processes and allows you to work on several concurrent process-related tasks under a single menu.

Newly released and user friendly, CPADMIN is the replacement for the cmclean.sql script in EBS Release 12. This blog explores some features of CPADMIN and shows you how to use it to execute multiple tasks with a single command.

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