Procedure of taking backup of MS SQL Database

In this blog, I have discussed the process of taking backup of MS SQL Database, the types of backups, and steps to take up the backup.

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SQL quarantine

This blog post introduces the concept of SQL Quarantine. By using Oracle® Resource Manager, you can regulate and limit the use of resources like CPU and I/O, among others. The most interesting fact is that you can prevent the execution of any long-running queries that exceed a defined threshold.

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Recover the Oracle voting disk when its backup is missing

This blog explores a scenario where you’ve lost an Oracle┬« Cluster Registry (OCR) and voting disk, and the voting disk has no backup. Though a tricky situation, you can restore it from the last automatic backup of the OCR.

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Oracle GoldenGate microservices architecture

Oracle® GoldenGate® supports two architectures: the classic architecture and the Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture (OGG MA).

Classic architecture has standard extract, replicat, pump, and receiver functions and is managed by the GoldenGate Software Command Interpreter (GGSCI).

OGG MA is a restful application program interface (API) microservices-based architecture that enables you to install, configure, monitor, and manage Oracle GoldenGate services through a web-based user interface. OGG MA was introduced in version GoldenGate 12.3 and was designed from the perspective of cloud operations.

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Troubleshoot Oracle GoldenGate lag

This blog offers suggestions for troubleshooting issues with Oracle® GoldenGate lag.

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c release 3 - New feature Parallel Replicat

Parallel Replicat is one of the new features introduced in Oracle ® GoldenGate 12c Release 3 ( Parallel Replicat is designed to help users to quickly load data into their environments by using multiple parallel mappers and threads.

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