Containers in the OpenStack ecosystem

Container technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. The purpose of the webinar talk in this post is to describe the current state of container technologies within the OpenStack Ecosystem. Topics we will cover include:

  • How OpenStack vendors and operators are using containers to create efficiencies in deployment of the control plane services
  • Approaches OpenStack consumers are taking to deploy container-based applications on OpenStack clouds
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Custom images via wheels included

With the recent announcement of Cloud Images, creating custom images for the Rackspace Public Cloud is now a functionality users have at their disposal.

To simplify the custom image creation process, Rackspace released, a collection of iPXE scripts that allows you to rapidly network boot Operating Systems, Utilities and other tools very easily. It’s especially useful for remote access environments when you don’t want to utilize remote attached CD’s in a Dell DRAC, HP iLO or some other type of remote tool. It’s especially awesome for bootstrapping your own custom installation on a Cloud Server!

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Bootstrap your QCOW Images for the Rackspace Public Cloud

In the world of Cloud Computing, hypervisors and disk image formats come in various shapes & sizes and are by no means made equal. In the Rackspace Public Cloud, we utilize Citrix XenServer as our hypervisor, which requires that our disk images be in the VHD format.

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