Cloud Native Security for AWS

Rackspace offers Cloud Native Security (CNS) for your AmazonĀ® Web Services (AWS) environments.

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Cloud Native Security for AWS comes to Rackspace

AmazonĀ® Web Services (AWS) has more native security products available than ever, but many businesses lack the expertise to analyze and respond to this data quickly. Rackspace is the first consulting managed security service provider (MSSP) to partner with AWS Security Hub. The Rackspace Service Blocks for Cloud Native Security (CNS) integrates directly with the AWS Security Hub, pulling threat information and alerts into your AWS environment.

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Dramatically Cut Costs with AWS Instance Scheduler

On-demand infrastructure, with its speed, agility, efficient use of resources and lower costs drives many organizations toward cloud adoption.

When used in conjunction with tools like CloudFormation or Terraform, users are able to provision and remove cloud infrastructure programmatically. This is typically referred to as Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, and is great for stateless resources.

However, what if some servers cannot be regularly re-provisioned from scratch? Does it mean they need to be up and running 24/7, even if only used during limited hours?

Fortunately not.

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