Machine learning: Accelerating your model deployment—Part two

As machine learning (ML) initiatives become more prominent across companies looking to leverage their data to improve future projections and decision-making, demand for frameworks that simplify ML model development has been soaring.

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Machine learning: Accelerating your model deployment—Part one

The value of data is tremendous, and any business model requires data to drive decisions and make projections for future growth and performance. Business analytics has traditionally been reactive, guiding decisions in response to past performance. Leading companies have begun to use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from this data and harness it for predictive analytics. This shift, however, comes with significant challenges.

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Introduction to Amazon Textract

Orginally published in Dec 2019, at

Amazon® Textract is an automatic text and data extraction service, designed to simplify and accelerate advanced data extraction processes.

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Simplifying data lakes with AWS lake formation

Originally published in Jan, 2020 at

AWS Lake Formation® is a service by Amazon® that makes it easy to set up secure data lakes, accelerating the process from months to mere weeks. Data lakes are centralized, curated, and secured repositories of data that you can store and analyze to make business decisions and procure insights.

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A guide to customizing the customer journey with Amazon Personalize

Originally published in Feb 2020, at

Amazon Personalize® is a machine learning (ML) service by AWS® that simplifies the process of building in personalization capabilities to recommend products and content on eCommerce platforms and websites.

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A guide to predicting future outcomes with Amazon Forecast

Originally published in April 2019, at

Amazon Forecast® is a fully managed machine-learning service by AWS®, designed to help users produce highly accurate forecasts from time-series data. Amazon® uses machine learning to solve hard forecasting problems since 2000, improving 15X in accuracy over the last two decades. Amazon Forecast is perfect for a variety of business use cases, from financial and resource planning to predicting future performance and product demand across a wide spectrum of industries from retail to healthcare.

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