Ten quick tips for Redis

“Originally published in Mar 2015 at ObjectRocket.com/blog”

Redis® is an awesome tool, and the tech community loves it! It’s come a long way from being a small personal project from Antirez to being an industry-standard in-memory data storage. With that comes a set of best practices for using Redis properly. In this article, we explore ten quick tips on using Redis correctly.

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Introduction to Redis Sentinel

Originally published on Apr 28, 2015, at ObjectRocket.com/blog

Redis™ Sentinel provides a simple and automatic high availability (HA) solution for Redis. If you’re familiar with how MongoDB® elections work, this isn’t too far off. To start, you have a given primary replicating to a certain number of replicas. From there, you have Sentinel daemons running, either on your application servers or the servers on which Redis is running. These keep track of the primary’s health.

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Top five Redis use cases

Originally published November 7, 2017 at ObjectRocket.com/blog.

This post explains some of the most common Redis™ use cases and different characteristics that influence these choices.

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