Rolling deployments with Ansible and Cloud Load Balancers

Recently a fellow Racker wrote a great post about zero downtime deployments. I strongly believe in the principals he described. In his example, he used Node.js to build a deployment script to accomplish the goal, and I want to explore how this could be done with Ansible and the Rackspace Cloud.

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Python magic and remote APIs

This is a guest post by Jesse Keating, a Racker working on DevOps for Rackspace’s Cloud Server products. You can read his blog at or follow @iamjkeating on Twitter.

I’m a pretty big fan of Python as a programming language. It allows me to program by discovery, that is poke and prod at things until the work. Not having to compile an entire program every time I change something is pretty fantastic, as is the ability to insert a debug statement and be able to break a program at that point, then run arbitrary python code within that context. Pretty indispensable to how I write software.

Another thing I like about Python, which some may not, is the ability to do magic things. Not quite so magic as xkcd would like us to believe, but fun stuff indeed.

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