OpenStack Swift use cases in Rackspace Private Cloud

OpenStack Swift is the object storage project within OpenStack. From the OpenStack Swift documentation, “Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store. Organizations can use Swift to store lots of data efficiently, safely, and cheaply.”

Rackspace Private Cloud 10 introduced functionality into our Ansible tooling to deploy, manage, and scale Swift. No longer is Swift a second class citizen in our tooling.

Now that Swift can be easily deployed and used, what are some of the use cases for it in Rackspace Private Cloud?

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Backing Up Cinder Volumes to Swift

Architecting applications for a cloud environment usually means treating each cloud server as ephemeral. If you destroy the cloud server, the data is destroyed with it. But, you still need a way to persist data. Cloud block storage has typically been that solution. Attach cloud block storage to a cloud server, save your data within that cloud block device, and when/if the cloud server is destroyed, your data persists and can be re-attached to another cloud server.

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Beginning to understand Neutron provider and tenant networks in OpenStack

OpenStack is composed of many different projects. The core projects provide compute, storage, and network resources. The Neutron project provides network resources to the OpenStack environment and can be difficult to get started with. To help get the gears turning, I will be discussing some of the functionality Neutron Networking is capable of.

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