Expanding ObjectRocket for MongoDB to AWS and GCP

Originally published in October 2020, at ObjectRocket.com/blog

The ObjectRocket Database-as-a-Service team proudly announced in 2020 Q4 that we’ve expanded support for our hosted MongoDB® offering into AWS® and GCP® clouds. This launch is extra special to us because when ObjectRocket Database-as-a-Service launched in 2012, it launched with MongoDB. MongoDB will always have a special place in our hearts and minds, so bringing this service to AWS, GCP, and soon Azure is a notable and significant expansion of the ObjectRocket platform.

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On the third day of Christmas, ObjectRocket gave to me: Three master nodes

Originally published on Dec 16, 2019, at ObjectRocket.com/blog

Hooray, yet more features on our ObjectRocket Elasticsearch offerings!

We’ve had great success with the Elasticsearch® product on Rackspace ObjectRocket and are excited about having dedicated master nodes! For those in need of larger, more reliable clusters, separating the master role responsibilities and assigning them to a dedicated node increases stability across your entire cluster.

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Highly customizable DBaaS on AWS and GCP

Originally published on July 24, 2020 at ObjectRocket.com/blog.

Moving to cloud solutions, whether for basic storage and compute resources or managed solutions like ObjectRocket Databases, are becoming increasingly common as businesses look to cut costs and simplify their operations. ObjectRocket at Rackspace Technology serves as a simple one-stop solution for people wanting to run databases.

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