Mailgun offers free email validation API for web forms

As many of you know, Rackspace acquired the transactional email provider Mailgun almost a year ago. Mailgun has a super easy-to-use API for sending, receiving and tracking on your application emails. They also support SMTP, if that’s your thing. We’ve blogged about Mailgun a bunch this year, and recently Rackspace integrated Mailgun into the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel, making it that much easier to integrate Mailgun into your app (and to get 50,000 free emails per month in the process). The Mailgunners just released a new feature that we are really excited about: email validation for web forms. So today, we’re reblogging their post announcing the new feature which is completely free for Rackspace and Mailgun customers. Read on, and remember that you can enable your Mailgun account directly through the Cloud Control Panel!

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Improving your site speed with Redis

Adding Redis to your application stack is a fantastic way to gain speed with existing applications. Many of our customers aren’t running the latest and greatest new hotness NoSQL-using cloud thing. A lot of them port over a full stack of an existing applications that once only existed on bare metal servers, or use a hybrid environment with a big MySQL configuration on bare metal with web/app servers in the cloud.

In any case, we advise that customers use caching… EVERYWHERE. Adding Redis to your application stack can greatly improve site speeds when used as a cache.

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Using message queues in cloud applications

You can consider message queues as a way to achieve parallel computing in an application. In this post, we dive into the different message queues out there and how to implement a message queue in an application.

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Scaling horizontally: Handling sessions on the open cloud

Wayne Walls wrote a great article on the Rackspace Blog around horizontal scaling, a pillar of cloud application design. When designing applications in the cloud, typically you need more than one server performing specific tasks.

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These groups of servers or roles or tiers are sometimes load balanced or exist as a pool of servers polling a message queue for work.

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Using Mailgun and Python to parse email for your applications

In case you didn’t hear, Rackspace recently acquired Mailgun, a YCombinator startup that makes it really easy to integrate email into your application.  Mailgun does the simple things like sending password confirmations and shipping notifications, but it also makes it A LOT easier to build some really good stuff.

Figuring out how to make email work with the cloud is one of the biggest questions that we get at Rackspace, so we’re publishing some code samples that show you how to build some really cool things with Mailgun. Mailgun has a free plan that will let you try all these things and send up to 200 emails per day for free. Then they’ve got plans starting at only $20 a month.  So, onto the cool stuff!

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Welcome, Mailgun!

Rackspace has acquired Mailgun. Mailgun simplifies email integration into websites and applications. Developers can easily use their powerful set of APIs to send, receive, and track email effortlessly – without managing an email server or becoming an expert in email setup, operations and deliverability. Mailgun is built for developers. It has server-side MIME assembly, which means that no libraries are required. The service allows you to receive event notifications via a webhook, and everything is priced to scale as you scale.

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