Introducing PoshStack, the PowerShell client for OpenStack

Here’s PoshStack

OpenStack SDKs exist for several programming languages, including Python, Go, Ruby, and many more. For those who don’t wish to write code, users in the *nix world can use Curl at the command line to perform operations.

What about Microsoft Windows administrators? Are they required to learn linux and bash and curl? What if they could use the skills they already have, or learn new skills that are native to the Windows environment, for OpenStack administration? Is there a command line or scripting tool that suits the Windows DevOps world?

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11 things to remember when writing a user guide

One of the more pressing needs in the world of open source software is the need for decent documentation. That covers a lot of territory; from well-commented code (yeah… right) to API guides to the rare – some say mythical – user guide.

It’s that last one, the user guide, that is often either not created or – perhaps worse – created as an afterthought by a developer whose writing skills are better aligned with Javascript than Strunk. When I joined the Developer Relations Group at Rackspace in July (be sure to check out the Rackspace Developer Center if you haven’t already), I immediately decided to create a user guide for the OpenStack SDK for Microsoft .NET. While creating that document, I realized that many developers don’t have a passion for writing documentation. Fair enough – I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. So, as a former sportswriter and an active coder (C# is my poison, mobile apps my passion), I have come up with a list of guidelines to help you craft a Pulitzer-worthy user guide. These suggestions (11 of them, yup, my list goes to 11!) were not developed through any sort of scientific process; rather, they are the result of more years of experience than I care to admit.

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