Next generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack is a fast, reliable, and scalable cloud compute solution without the risk of proprietary lock-in. It provides the core features of the OpenStack Compute API v2 and also deploys certain extensions as permitted by the OpenStack Compute API contract. Some of these extensions are generally available through OpenStack while others implement Rackspace-specific features to meet customers’ expectations and for operational compatibility. The OpenStack Compute API and the Rackspace extensions are known collectively as API v2.


During 2015, all First Generation servers will be migrated to Next Generation servers, on a rolling basis.

Notification from Rackspace will be sent to customers informing them of their 30-day window to complete the migration of the specified servers. If you take no action, your server will be migrated for you.

To migrate your servers, during your migration window, simply perform a SOFT reboot on your first gen server, either from the Control Panel or by using the reboot API operation. The migration process will preserve all data and configuration settings.

During the 30-day migration window, performing a HARD reboot on a first gen server will reboot the server without triggering the migration.

You can see information about your migration window's open and close dates, use the Get Server Details on your first gen server, and look in the metadata section of the response for "FG2NG_self_migration_available_till" and "FG2NG_self_migration_available_from" key pairs. If your migration window has not been scheduled, you will not see these metadata keys.

For more information about the server migration see the Knowledge Center article: First Generation to Next Generation cloud server migration FAQ

This document describes the features available with API v2.

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