Chapter 3. Rackspace Extensions

Rackspace provides the following extensions to the OpenStack Compute API v2:

  • Disk configuration extension. Enables control of how the disk is partitioned when a server is created, rebuilt, or resized.

  • Extended status extension. Shows extended statuses including the VM, task, and power statuses in the response bodies for the list servers and get server details calls.

  • Rescue mode extension. Creates a new server with the file system for the specified version of Cloud Servers mounted to fix file system and configuration errors.

  • Used limits extension. Returns the amount of absolute limit capacity that is currently used.

  • Volume attachment extension. In conjunction with the Cloud Block Storage API, you can attach a volume to a server instance, list volume attachments for a server instance, get volume details for a volume attachment, and delete a volume attachment.

  • Scheduled images. Allows you to schedule automatic creation of server images.

  • Flavor extra specs. Allows you to list, create, and update the extra-specs or keys for a flavor.

  • OS instance actions. Allows you to view a log of events and actions taken on a server.

  • Config drive. Allows a read-only configuration drive to be attached to server instances on boot.

  • Boot from volume. Allows you to create a server from a block storage volume instead of an image.

  • Networks. Shows you how to attach and manage networks.

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