List of Examples

2.1. Authenticate to US Identity Endpoint – Username and Password: JSON Request
2.2. Authenticate to US Identity Endpoint – Username and API Key: JSON Request
2.3. Pretty Printing cURL Output
2.4. Authenticate: JSON Response
2.5. Request with Headers: JSON
2.6. Response with Headers: XML
2.7. Request with Extension: JSON
2.8. Limit: JSON Response
2.9. Limit: XML Response
2.10. Versions List Request
2.11. List Versions: JSON Response
2.12. List Versions: XML Response
2.13. Version Details Request
2.14. Get Version Details: JSON Response
2.15. Get Version Details: XML Response
2.16. Fault: JSON Response
2.17. Fault: XML Response
2.18. Fault, Item Not Found: JSON Response
2.19. Fault, Item Not Found: XML Response
2.20. Fault, Over Limit: JSON Response
2.21. Fault, Over Limit: XML Response
3.1. List Servers: JSON Request in a cURL Command
3.2. List Servers: JSON Response (detail)
3.3. List Servers: XML Request in a cURL Command
3.4. List Servers: XML Response (detail)
3.5. Create Server: JSON Request
3.6. Create Server: JSON Response
3.7. Create Server: XML Request
3.8. Create Server: XML Response
3.9. Get Server Details: JSON Response
3.10. Get Server Details: XML Response
3.11. Update Server Name: JSON Request
3.12. Update Server Name: XML Request
3.13. List Addresses: JSON Response
3.14. List Addresses: XML Response
3.15. List Public Addresses List: JSON Response
3.16. List Public Addresses List: XML Response
3.17. List Private Addresses List: JSON Response
3.18. List Private Addresses List: XML Response
3.19. Share IP: JSON Request
3.20. Share IP: XML Request
3.21. Reboot Server: JSON Request
3.22. Reboot Server: XML Request
3.23. Rebuild Server: JSON Request
3.24. Rebuild Server: XML Request
3.25. Resize Server: JSON Request
3.26. Resize Server: XML Request
3.27. Confirm Resize: JSON Request
3.28. Confirm Resize: XML Request
3.29. Revert Resize: JSON Request
3.30. Revert Resize: XML Request
3.31. List Flavors: JSON Response (detail)
3.32. List Flavors: XML Response (detail)
3.33. Get Flavor Details: JSON Response
3.34. Get Flavor Details: XML Response
3.35. List Images: JSON Response (detail)
3.36. List Images: XML Response (detail)
3.37. Create Image: JSON Request
3.38. Create Image: JSON Response
3.39. Create Image: XML Request
3.40. Create Image: XML Response
3.41. Get Image Details: JSON Response
3.42. Get Image Details: XML Response
3.43. List Backup Schedule: JSON Response
3.44. List Backup Schedule: XML Response
3.45. Update Backup Schedule: JSON Request
3.46. Update Backup Schedule: XML Request
3.47. List Shared IP Groups: JSON Response (detail)
3.48. List Shared IP Groups: XML Response (detail)
3.49. Create Shared IP Group: JSON Request
3.50. Create Shared IP Group: JSON Response
3.51. Create Shared IP Group: XML Request
3.52. Create Shared IP Group Create: XML Response
3.53. Get Shared IP Group Details: JSON Response
3.54. Get Shared IP Group Details: XML Response

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