The first generation Rackspace Cloud Servers™ is a compute service that provides server capacity in the cloud. Cloud Servers come in different flavors of memory, disk space, and CPU, and can be provisioned in minutes. There are no contracts or commitments. You can use a Cloud Server for as long or as little as you choose. You pay only for what you use and pricing is by the hour. Interactions with Rackspace Cloud Servers can occur through the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel (GUI) or programmatically through the Rackspace Cloud Servers API.


During 2015, all First Generation servers will be migrated to Next Generation servers, on a rolling basis.

Notification from Rackspace will be sent to customers informing them of their 30-day window to complete the migration of the specified servers. If you take no action, your server will be migrated for you.

To migrate your servers, during your migration window, simply perform a SOFT reboot, either from the Control Panel or by using the reboot API operation (see Section 3.3.1, “Reboot Server”). The migration process will preserve all data and configuration settings.

During the 30-day migration window, performing a HARD reboot will reboot the server without triggering the migration.

You can see information about your migration window's open and close dates, use the Get Server Details operation (see Section 3.1.3, “Get Server Details”), and look in the metadata section of the response for "FG2NG_self_migration_available_till" and "FG2NG_self_migration_available_from" key pairs. If your migration window has not been scheduled, you will not see these metadata keys.

For more information about the server migration see the Knowledge Center article: First Generation to Next Generation cloud server migration FAQ

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