Chapter 9. Release Notes

 9.1. v2.0, March, 2013

 9.1.1. Backward incompatible changes Merging of Sessions and Services

To make the API simpler, more user friendly and geared towards a common use case, "Session" object has been merged with the "Service" object.

The following attributes have moved from Session to Service object:

  • heartbeat_timeout

  • last_seen

All the "session" API endpoints have been removed and you now heartbeat a service instead of a session.

As a consequence services.timeout event has been renamed to service.timeout and the payload attribute now contains Service object which has timed out.

Note: This change is backward incompatible.

If you are using an official client library you need to upgrade to version 0.2.0 and update your code which calls the client library.

 9.1.2. Product Features

Added new service.remove event. This event is inserted when a user explicitly removes a service using an API call.

This event allows users to distinguish between an implicit service timeout and explicit service removal triggered by a user.

 9.2. v1.1, February, 2013

 9.2.1. Product Features Configuration Namespaces

Added support for namespaces to the configuration API.

Namespace allows you to organize different (related) configuration values together in a hierarchical manner. They also make retrieving a subset of configuration values easier and more efficient.

For more information, please see the Concepts section.

 9.2.2. Improvements, bug fixes Improved reliability and decreased response times for most of the API operations

Improved reliability and performance and decreased response times for the "heartbeat" and all of the "list" operations.

 9.3. v1.0, November 5, 2012

These release notes correspond to the Preview for Rackspace Service Registry.

 9.3.1. Product Features Service Registration and Discovery

Register services in the registry and get notifications via the events feed when a service comes online or times out. Notifications via the Events Feed

Events feed contains events which happened during a life-cycle of your account. Events include service coming online, service timing out, configuration value getting updated and configuration value getting removed. Configuration Storage

Store configuration values (arbitrary key-value pairs) in the centralized place and get notifications via the event feed when a value is updated or removed. Client Libraries for Four Programming Languages

Preview release includes official client libraries for the following languages:

  • Python

  • Twisted Python

  • Java

  • Node.js

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