OpenStack Orchestration

Rackspace Private Cloud v4.2.2 offers a technology preview of OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) implementation, which enables you to manage infrastructure and applications within OpenStack clouds.


Rackspace Private Cloud Support does not currently support technology preview features. They are not recommended for Rackspace Private Cloud production environments, and are included for experienced OpenStack users only.

OpenStack Orchestration is a service that orchestrates cloud applications onto cloud resources using the OpenStack Heat Orchestration Syntax (HOT) template format through an OpenStack ReST API. OpenStack Orchestration also provides compatibility with the AWS CloudFormation template format. More information about Orchestration is available on the OpenStack wiki at

The Rackspace Private Cloud implementation of Orchestration includes the following components:

  • The standard Heat API

  • The heat-api-cfn API

  • The CloudWatch API, which enables metric collection