Chapter 2. Overview

Rackspace Cloud Queues is a RESTful API-based messaging service that supports distributed web applications. A message service such as Cloud Queues is a vital component of large, distributed web applications. Cloud Queues can be used for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

As you develop distributed web applications, you often have multiple agents set up to complete sets of tasks for those applications. These tasks can be anything from creating users to deleting blocks of storage. Cloud Queues provides a simple interface to create these tasks as queues, messages, and claims and to post, claim, read, and delete them as the tasks are needed and performed.

Cloud Queues handles the distribution of tasks, but it does not necessarily manage the order of the tasks. Applications handle the workflow at a higher level.

Cloud Queues is based on the OpenStack Marconi project.

This guide explains how to access and start using the API so that you can begin to use Cloud Queues for your applications. Instructions are given for how to properly enter the necessary URLs, using cURL, to set up and use a basic set of Cloud Queues operations.

You can find additional details about Rackspace Cloud Queues in the Cloud Queues Developer Guide at

For more details about Cloud Queues, refer to This site also offers links to Rackspace's official support channels, including phone, chat, and email as well as Knowledge Center articles.