This overview introduces the types of Cloud Networks API operations, Cloud Networks service limits, a comparison between the Neutron API and the Nova-Network API, the available networks, which networks are attached to a server (based on the provisioning method), and a discussion about the consequences of choosing not to attach to Rackspace PublicNet and ServiceNet networks.

You can use the Cloud Networks service Neutron API to perform the following tasks:

  • List networks to which the specified tenant has access.

  • Create isolated networks.

  • Show details for isolated networks.

  • Delete an isolated network, if it is not associated with any server.


    To detach a network from a server, you must use the Cloud Networks virtual interface extension to delete the virtual interface for the network from the server. For more information, see the Next Generation Cloud Servers Developer Guide.

  • Manage subnets.

  • Manage ports.

  • Manage security groups and security group rules.

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