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 4.4.4. Remove Nodes

Verb URI Description
DELETE /loadbalancers/loadBalancerId/nodes/nodeId Remove a node from the load balancer.
DELETE /loadbalancers/loadBalancerId/nodes?id=nodeId &id=nodeId Batch delete the nodes given specified id list.

Normal Response Code(s): 200, 202

Error Response Code(s): loadbalancerFault (400, 500), serviceUnavailable (503), unauthorized (401), badRequest (400), overLimit (413)

To batch delete nodes, provide a query parameter list of node ids (for example: /nodes?id=nodeId&id= nodeId). The current default limit is ten ids per request. Any and all configuration data is immediately purged and is not recoverable. By chance if one of the items in the list cannot be removed due to its current status a 400:BadRequest is returned along with the ids of the ones the system identified as potential failures for this request

This operation does not require a request body.

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