13.1. TempURL

You can use the Temporary URL feature (TempURL) to create limited-time Internet addresses that allow limited access to your Cloud Files account. Using TempURL, you can allow others to retrieve objects from or place objects in your Cloud Files account for a specified amount of time. After the specified amount of time expires, access to the account with the TempURL is denied.


If the access time expires while a large file is being retrieved, the download continues until it is finished. Only the link expires.

Access to your Cloud Files account or website with a TempURL is independent of whether your account is CDN-enabled. Even if you do not CDN-enable a directory, you can still grant temporary public access through a TempURL. When you create a TempURL, Cloud Files validates a GET-accessible or PUT-accessible URL, which is time-limited.


The TempURL is the same thing as the TempURL Secret, and is set using the TempURL metadata key described in the next section. The TempURL is the actual URL.

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