v1.1, March 28, 2012

These release notes correspond to the EAP for Rackspace Cloud Monitoring.

New Features

  • Test Notifications

    Test execute a notification. This makes it easy to execute test checks and verify that you'll receive the payload. We also added the ability to test existing notifications as well.

  • JSONP Support

    Support for JSONP for retrieval in the API. This gives you the tools to access the API from the browser directly.

  • Rate Limiting Exposed

    We now expose rate limiting and the time window of the rate limiting to you through headers. This helps us with transparency and lets you know when you're getting close to reaching your account rate limits.

  • Email Notifications

    We added email as a notification type so you can receive email on your alerts.


  • Renamed "Alarm History" to "Alarm Notification History."

  • Now support a key-value hash to facilitate multiple body matches.

  • Added previous state to webhook payload.

  • Audits now expose the tenantId.

  • Added HTTP CORS headers so you can now do cross domain requests.

  • Unified the notification history log and the alarm change log.

  • Improved support dealing with time ordered mixed results.

  • Improved type checking for the alarm subsystem.

  • Added detection for missing metrics and automatically output a failed state when detected.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed hashing method to prevent a collector affinity.

  • Improved the location header returned so it works in non-standard port setups.

  • Added previous state to the webhook field.

  • Added a label to the alarm object.

  • Unified the language around the different states in the system.


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