1.8.2. Using the Cloud Monitoring CLI, raxmon

The Cloud Monitoring command-line interface (CLI), known as raxmon, lets you interact with the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring API in a quick and efficient manner. If you're not a programmer, consider using raxmon to become familiar with the product and its capabilities. Even if you have programming experience, you might like the speed at which you can set up monitors by using raxmon.


Raxmon is not designed to work on a Windows OS.

To get started, see Install and configure raxmon in the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Developer's Guide. You can see a complete list of raxmon commands on github.

After you have installed raxmon, type the following command in a terminal or command window to see a list of the available raxmon commands:

raxmon --h

To get help for a particular command, type the following command, replacing italicized text:

raxmon-command-name --h

For example, to see a brief description of each option that you would use to create an entity in the monitoring system, type the following command:

raxmon-entities-create --h