Chapter 2. Create your first monitor

This chapter contains a tutorial that will help you become familiar with basic monitoring operations. Examples are provided in cURL with JSON formatting. You can also complete this tutorial by using the Cloud Monitoring command-line interface, raxmon. An example raxmon command is also shown for each operation.


Raxmon is not designed to work on a Windows OS. The tutorial assumes you have a Mac OS.

For the purpose of this tutorial, assume that you have a new web server that you want to ensure is running and responding to requests. Following is the basic workflow for the tutorial:

  1. Install and configure raxmon, the Rackspace monitoring command-line interface (CLI).

  2. Create an entity to represent the server in the monitoring system.

  3. Review the list of available monitoring zones.

  4. Define three checks for the new entity.

  5. Set up an email notification and a notification plan so you can receive information about the entity.

  6. Define two alarms and assign them to a check to begin the monitoring process.

  7. Delete the entity and its child objects: the checks and alarms.


In the following exercises, include your authorization token where you see auth_token and your account number where you see 010101. If you haven't requested an authentication token yet, follow the instructions in Authentication example and then go to Create an entity.