List of Examples

3.1. Auth Request: XML
3.2. Auth Request: JSON
3.3. Auth Response: XML
3.4. Auth Response: JSON
3.5. JSON Request with Headers
3.6. XML Response with Headers
3.7. Request with URI Versioning
3.8. List Entities, First Page: XML
3.9. List Entities, First Page: JSON
3.10. List Entities, Second Page: XML
3.11. List Entities, Second Page: JSON
3.12. XML Not Found Fault
3.13. JSON Not Found Fault
4.1. File system check YAML file example
4.2. HTTP check YAML file example
5.1. Get account information: JSON response
5.2. Update account: JSON request
5.3. Get limits: JSON response
5.4. Get audit information: JSON response
5.5. Create entity: JSON request
5.6. List entities for account: JSON response
5.7. Get entity by ID: JSON response
5.8. Update entity: JSON request
5.9. List check types: JSON response
5.10. Get check type by ID: JSON response
5.11. List monitoring zones: JSON response
5.12. Get monitoring zone by ID: JSON response
5.13. Traceroute: JSON request
5.14. Traceroute: JSON response
5.15. Create check: JSON request
5.16. Test check: JSON request
5.17. Test check: JSON response
5.18. Test a check: JSON request
5.19. Test check with debug: JSON response
5.20. Test existing check: JSON response
5.21. List checks for entity: JSON response
5.22. Get check by ID: JSON response
5.23. Update check by ID: JSON request
5.24. List metrics by check ID: JSON response
5.25. Fetch data points, full resolution: JSON response
5.26. Fetch data points, rollup: JSON response
5.27. Webhook notification POST to a specified URL with JSON Payload
5.28. List notification types: JSON response
5.29. Get notification type by ID: JSON response
5.30. Create webhook notification: JSON request
5.31. Create email notification: JSON request
5.32. Create PagerDuty notification: JSON request
5.33. Create SMS notification: JSON request
5.34. Test notification: JSON request
5.35. Test notification: JSON response
5.36. List notifications: JSON response
5.37. Test existing notification: JSON response
5.38. Get notification by ID: JSON response
5.39. Update notification: JSON request
5.40. Create notification plan: JSON request
5.41. List notification plans: JSON response
5.42. Get notification plan by ID: JSON response
5.43. Update notification plan: JSON request
5.44. Create alarm: JSON request
5.45. Test alarms criteria
5.46. Test alarm: JSON request
5.47. Test alarm: JSON response
5.48. Test alarm, multi-state: JSON response
5.49. List alarms: JSON response
5.50. Get alarms by ID: JSON response
5.51. Update alarm by ID: JSON request
5.52. List alarm examples: JSON response
5.53. Get alarm example by ID: JSON response
5.54. Evaluate alarm example: JSON request
5.55. Evaluate alarm example: JSON response
5.56. List alarm notification history: JSON response
5.57. List alarm notification history by check ID: JSON response
5.58. List a single alarm notification: JSON response
5.59. List alarm changelogs: JSON response
5.60. Create suppression for notifications for alarms on check ch123 on entity en123 using the notification plan npfooBar: JSON request
5.61. Suppress notifications for alarms on check ch123 on entity en123 using the notification plan npfooBar
5.62. Suppress notifications for entity en123 for all notification plans
5.63. Suppress only check ch123 on entity en123 for all notification plans
5.64. Suppress all notifications for entity enMonkey and notifications for check ch123 on entity en123 for all notification plans
5.65. Suppress all notifications for notification plan npTechnical
5.66. Suppress alarm al123 on entity en123 and alarm alBaz on entity enMonkey for the notification plan npTechnical
5.67. List Suppressions: JSON response
5.68. Get suppression by ID: JSON response
5.69. Update suppression: JSON request
5.70. List suppression logs: JSON response
5.71. Get overview view: JSON response
5.72. List agents: JSON response
5.73. Get agent by ID: JSON response
5.74. List agent connections: JSON response
5.75. Create agent token: JSON request
5.76. List agent tokens: JSON response
5.77. Get agent token by ID: JSON response
5.78. Update agent token: JSON request
5.79. Get agent host info types: JSON response
5.80. Get CPU information: JSON response
5.81. Get disk information: JSON response
5.82. Get host filesystem information: JSON response
5.83. Get host memory information: JSON response
5.84. Get host network interface information: JSON response
5.85. Get host process information: JSON response
5.86. Get host system information: JSON response
5.87. Get information about host users: JSON response
5.88. List agent.filesystem check targets: JSON response

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