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 4.5. Reverse DNS

Verb URI Description
GET /rdns/service_name?href=device-resource-uri List all PTR records configured for a Rackspace Cloud device.
GET /rdns/service_name/recordId?href=device-resource-uri List details for a specific PTR record associated with a Rackspace Cloud device.
POST /rdns Add new PTR record(s) for a Rackspace Cloud device.
PUT /rdns Modify one or more PTR records associated with a Rackspace Cloud device.
DELETE /rdns/service-name?href=device-resource-uri&ip=optional-ip-address Remove one or all PTR records associated with a Rackspace Cloud device. Use the optional ip query parameter to specify a specific record to delete. Omitting this parameter removes all PTR records associated with the specified device.

Normal Response Code(s): 200, 202, and for remove record(s) also 204

Error Response Code(s): dnsFault (400, 500), serviceUnavailable (503), unauthorized (401), badRequest (400), itemNotFound (404), overLimit (413)

Cloud DNS supports the management of reverse DNS (PTR) records for Rackspace Cloud devices such as Cloud Load Balancers and Cloud Servers™ (both first generation and next generation). In order to manage the PTR records for Rackspace Cloud devices, the service as well as the device resource URI must be specified along with record details. The service is specified using the appropriate service name as returned in the service catalog from the Rackspace Cloud Authentication Service. The device resource URI was returned when the device was created via the appropriate service.


The device URI must specify the device itself and not one of its sub-resources.

The following Rackspace Cloud services are supported in this version of the Cloud DNS API:

Rackspace Cloud Service Service Catalog Name Supported API Version(s) API Documentation
First Generation Cloud Servers cloudServers v1.0
Next Generation Cloud Servers™ powered by OpenStack cloudServersOpenStack v2
Cloud Load Balancers cloudLoadBalancers v1.0

The examples in the following sections illustrate using Cloud DNS to manage PTR records for Next Generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack. Using Cloud DNS API to manage other supported Rackspace Cloud devices only requires substituting the appropriate service catalog name and device resource URI.

In the examples that follow for each subsection, 1234 should be replaced by your authenticated account ID.

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