Follow the steps described in this guide to use the Rackspace Cloud Databases API and the Cloud Servers™ section of the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel to create and access your database instances via Rackspace Cloud Servers. The examples presented in this guide create a MySQL database instance.

The simple exercises in this guide help you get started with the API by showing you how to access the API through either trove client commands or cURL commands.

For each exercise in this guide, you choose one of the following methods to make API calls:

  • The trove client commands. trove provides easy command line access to the database API operations. We recommend that you use the trove client to run simple commands that make API calls. You can specify a --debug parameter on any trove command to show the underlying API request for the command. This is a good way to become familiar with the API requests.

  • cURL commands. If you are familiar with or want to learn cURL commands, choose this method. With cURL, you send HTTP requests with embedded API calls from the command line. The cURL examples in this guide include request bodies in JSON format. See the section called “How cURL Commands Work”.

If you like, you can use cURL in one example and switch to the trove client in the next example. If you choose to use a cURL command for any example, you must export the environment variables required to run the cURL examples. See the section called “Step 5. Export Environment Variables to Run cURL Commands”.

To use the API, it helps to be familiar with HTTP 1.1, RESTful web services, the Rackspace Cloud Servers service, and JSON data serialization format.

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