List of Examples

4.1. cURL authenticate request: XML
4.2. cURL authenticate request: XML
4.3. cURL authenticate request: JSON
4.4. Authenticate response: XML
4.5. Authenticate response: JSON
4.6. cURL create profile request: JSON
4.7. Create profile response: JSON
4.8. cURL get profile request: JSON
4.9. Get profile response: JSON
4.10. cURL view resource limits request: JSON
4.11. View resource limits response: JSON
4.12. cURL list flavors request: JSON
4.13. List flavors response: JSON
4.14. cURL list cluster types request: JSON
4.15. List cluster types response: JSON
4.16. cURL create cluster request: JSON
4.17. Create cluster response: JSON
4.18. cURL list clusters request: JSON
4.19. List clusters response: JSON
4.20. cURL list cluster nodes request: JSON
4.21. List cluster nodes response: JSON
4.22. cURL resize cluster request: JSON
4.23. Resize cluster response: JSON
4.24. cURL delete cluster request: JSON
4.25. Delete cluster response: JSON
5.1. Authentication response using CLI utility
5.2. Export environment variables
5.3. Creating a profile
5.4. Retrieve a profile by using the get-profile command
5.5. View resource limits by using the quotas command
5.6. Provision a cluster by using the boot command
5.7. List flavors and associated resources by using the flavor-list command
5.8. Query the status of a cluster by using the list command
5.9. Query the details of a cluster by using the show and nodes commands
5.10. Increase cluster size by using the resize command
5.11. Remove clusters by using the delete command