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 Chapter 1. Overview

This document describes Rackspace's implementation of the OpenStack Keystone Identity Service v2.0. We have named our Keystone implementation the Rackspace Cloud Identity Service v2.0; the identity service performs authentication, generating a token in response to valid credentials, and identification, matching users and their roles. Earlier versions of this API, v1.0 and v1.1, support only authentication and are named Rackspace Cloud Authentication Service; all versions of the API allow clients to obtain tokens that can be used to access resources in the Rackspace Cloud, but only v2.0 is an implementation of OpenStack's Keystone Identity Service.

While each version of the API implements different features, tokens created by any version can be recognized as valid by any other version. For example, if you use v1.1 to generate a token, you can use that token in calls to v2.0.

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