Chapter 2. Overview

The Rackspace Cloud Identity service v2.0, an implementation of OpenStack Keystone Service v2.0, provides common, token-based authentication and authorization services that allow seamless access to Rackspace Cloud products and services.

  • Authentication generates a token in response to valid credentials submitted by a user, process, or client. Then, that token is used to confirm identity when requesting access to systems or resources defined in the Cloud Identity service service catalog.

  • Authorization determines the resources and actions available to a user, client, or process based on access control capabilities that can be defined and managed using the Rackspace Cloud Identity service.

Earlier versions of the Rackspace Identity service API, v1.0 and v1.1 are known as the Rackspace Cloud Authentication service. These versions are not based on the OpenStack Keystone Identity service and only provide authentication services.

Although each version of the API implements different features, you can use tokens generated from any API version to authenticate when making calls to Rackspace Cloud services. For example, if you use the v1.1 API to generate a token, you can use that token in calls to the v2.0 API.

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