1.3. Additional Resources

This Developer Guide is one of a pair of documents describing the Cloud Authentication Service:

  • Cloud Authentication Client Developer Guide

  • Cloud Authentication Admin Developer Guide

Descriptive information about this service is also published in its Web Application Description Language (WADL) and XML Schema Definition (XSD). You are welcome to read this information, but please use the appropriate US-based or UK-based version.

Your account may be based in either the US or the UK; this is not determined by your physical location but by the location of the Rackspace retail site which was used to create your account:

If you are unsure how your account was created, use the Rackspace contact information at either site to ask for help.

To see how the Cloud Authentication Service is used by another Rackspace service, read that service's API documentation at docs.rackspace.com. You might also find useful articles and tutorials in the Rackspace Knowledge Center at rackspace.com/knowledge_center/.

If you have a suggestion about any Rackspace product or service, including this one, please share it at rackspace.uservoice.com.